Sunday, 24 July 2011

Evidence-based plastic surgery

The July issue of PRS was the first to present a level of evidence question (diagnostic, therapeutic, or risk) for each article.

The editorial by Sullivan et al. outlines the new system. This is part of a wider initiative started last year to encourage evidence based plastic surgery.

As an example the levels of evidence for a therapeutic article are outlined below:

I    High-quality, multicenter or single-center, randomized controlled trial with adequate power; or systematic review of these studies.

II   Lesser-quality, randomized controlled trial; prospective cohort or comparative study; or systematic review of these studies.

III  Retrospective cohort or comparative study; case-control study; or systematic review of these studies.

IV Case series with pre/post test or only post test.

V Expert opinion developed via consensus process; case report or clinical example; or evidence based on physiology, bench research, or "first principles".

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