Monday, 22 August 2011

Virtual anatomy - smartphone applications for the plastic surgery trainee

I've finally come up with enough excuses to justify an iPad 2. During this process, I came across a few websites that review medical Apps, such as iMedicalApps and iPhoneMedicalApps.

One App that caught my eye was from Visible Body. For $99 you get a virtual human body sitting right on your iPad. The trial head and neck region was incredible - things have come along way since I was demonstrating anatomy back in 2003/4.

I carried on searching and stumbled upon Google Body Browser from Google Labs. How did this pass me by? It looks as impressive and is completely free. It uses WebGL for the 3D graphics, which is built into the latest Chrome and Firefox browsers. This avoids the need for Flash player or other plugins. Enjoy!

Kavit Amin has an article "Smartphone applications for the plastic surgery trainee" in this month's JPRAS. There aren't really any specific apps designed for a plastic surgery trainees BUT there are many good apps to improve productivity and manage articles. Also, what about Medscape?

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