Thursday, 15 September 2011

iPad 2 - how to be an appy plastic surgeon

I am sitting here in a San Diego coffee shop waiting for the first session of the World Congress of Osteorthritis 2011 to get underway. This post is a first for me as it is coming from my new toy - an iPad 2.

Suffering from jet lag I woke at 0430 and couldn't get back to sleep. So what else it there to do than find some great apps for use as a plastic surgery trainee?

Here is a quick run down of the ones I've found so far. Some are medical and others just generally useful. I will go into more detail once back on the laptop.

Medscape has produced a free app that contains over 4000 disease and conditions. Within plastic surgery there are most major conditions covered as well as a number of operative techniques. On the whole they are well written and referenced.

Visible Body ($29.99) provides 3D anatomy using a similar format to the Google Body Browser. The detail is lacking in places but overall it is a fantastic piece of software that can also be used for both brushing up on anatomy and patient education.

Papers ($79) creates a 'personal library of research'. During my PhD is was the sole reason I switched to using a Mac. It allows you to create and manage a library of PDFs. There is also a function to cite as you write.

Dropbox is one of a number of free services that provide server space enabling syncing of files across multiple devices. You can store your Papers library in Dropbox, making it available across multiple devices.

Evernote is one of the best free note taking apps around. It allows you to take voice, picture and text notes and sync them across multiple devices.

Osirix ($29.99) is a DICOM viewer for radiographic imaging.

Post other suggestions in the comments section . . . .

Update: M. Felix Freshwater has an article in the October JPRAS on apps for the iPhone/iPad 2. He makes a good point about finding the right tools for the job even if they are not specifically designed for use by a plastic surgeon. I think the selection above demonstrates this. . . 

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