Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Leicester Courses 2012

Leicester are continuing to run their successful programme of courses this year. Provisional dates are below, more information to follow.

Leicester Wrist Fracture Management Course 20-21st September 2012

Leicester Hand Fracture Management Course 12-13th November 2012

Elaine James is the course administrator. Contact her on ej9@le.ac.uk or 0116 2584702.

Image: The latest art commission by ‘Art on the Underground’ for the front cover of the Pocket Tube Map. Copyright London Underground 2011

Sunday, 5 February 2012

How to record consent for medical photography on an iPad2

The GMC has detailed guidance on consent for medical photography and other material.

Informed consent is required for most material and images must be stored securely. As a data controller you also need to be registered with the Information Commissioner.

Here is a nifty way of using the iPad2 to record consent for medical photography and keep it secure.

What you need:
- iPad2
- GoodReader App
- Consent form as a PDF
- A stylus is a recommended extra

1. Create a PDF of your consent form, such as the one here.
2. Open it in GoodReader (security protected and the files are encrypted).
3. Use the text box feature to record the patient details
4. Ask the patient to sign using the freehand function
5. Use the 'flatten copy' function to save a separate copy
6. Optional: rename the file with the patient's hospital number

Friday, 3 February 2012

Me in 3D

Get yourself down to the Science Museum to have your face scanned in 3D. A collaboration between Great Ormond Street Hospital, University College Hospital and the UCL Eastman Dental Hospital and Institute is attempting to create the largest database of 3D facial images in the world.

Me in 3D is the live science part of the "Who am I?" exhibition at the Science Museum. Their website has more information and check out the reviews: