Sunday, 11 November 2012

Royal Marsden Surgical Lecture Series

The Royal Marsden has a Surgical Lecture Series co-ordinated by Aadil Khan, a plastics trainee at the ICR. The programme for the rest of this academic year is below.

The talks start at 1800 at the Royal Marsden Hospital, Fulham Road. Open to surgeons.

Tuesday 4th December  
Mr Andrew Hayes, The Royal Marsden Hospital 
“Isolated limb perfusion for advanced limb malignancies: past successes and new strategies for the 21st century”

Tuesday 8th January
Mr Richard Shaw, Merseyside Regional Cancer Centre 
“Surgical research is the art of controlling your environment (…adapted from Hunter S Thompson)”

Tuesday 5th February  
Mr Reza Mirnezami, Imperial College, London
“Multi-axis metabolic phenotyping of colorectal cancer”

Tuesday 5th March  
Mr Kunal Shetty, Imperial College, London
“Neuroergonomics in minimally invasive surgery”

Tuesday 16th April
Mr Ramsey Cutress, University of Southampton 
Title TBC: Breast surgery

Tuesday 7th May  
Mr Enyi Ofo, King’s College, London
H&N cancer

Tuesday 4th June
Mr Paul Harris, The Royal Marsden Hospital
“Advanced microsurgical techniques in reconstructing oncological defects”

Tuesday 2nd June  
Mr Aadil Khan, ICR
“The radioprotection of composite tissue free flaps using ex vivo gene therapy”

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